easy-way in a poultry stable
easy-way in a poultry stable

easy-way is based upon quality straw (approx. 85% wheat and 15% other types of straw) without additives.

  • easy-way is a compressed and heat treated quality granulate
  • easy-way is dedusted several times and contributes to a pleasant stable environment
  • easy-way is safe to use and free from bacteria and fungus spores
  • easy-way has an enormous ability to absorb of up to five times its own weight
  • easy-way effectively absorbs ammonia

Method of use

easy-way is the long lasting bedding product that remains effective throughout the rotation.

easy-way is available in bulk, in big bags and in bags.

It is easy to spread by a spreading machine or similar devise and replenishing in highly congested areas in the stable follows quickly and effectively with the easy to handle small bags.

As a starting point, the dosage is between 700 and 1.000 grams per m2.

The necessary dosage depends somewhat on the length of the rotation period and the heating system in place.

With easy-way you obtain

  • a reduction in the time consume by spreading and by maintenance
  • a soft, light and “living” product that absorbs throughout the rotation period without any dust emission
  • a good air quality in the stable as the product binds ammonia effectively
  • a product that support natural animal behaviour
  • reduced scorching problems on the chickens pads
  • a combination of used bedding and manure that has a high nutritional value and is 100% compostable
  • a manure that provides a high yield of gas in biogas plants