easy-strø in stable with layers
easy-strø in stable with layers

easy-strø is based upon quality straw (approx. 85 % wheat and 15 % other types of straw) without additives.

  • easy-strø is a mechanical and thermal treated quality bedding material
  • easy-strø is a soft and comfortable bedding material that is dedusted multiple times
  • easy-strø is safe in use and free from bacteria’s and fungus spores
  • easy-strø has an enormous absorption ability up to five times its own weight
  • easy-strø effectively absorbs ammonia

Method of use

easy-strø is the long lasting litter that ensures an optimum environment without dust problems in the stable. easy-strø has a significantly higher binding capacity of ammonia and remains loose and inviting longer than any other bedding product.

easy-strø is available in bulk or in bales.

easy-strø is easy to apply both before and after the animals are in place in the stable.

easy-strø can be combined with easy-way in order to obtain a more compact bedding at the bottom closest to the stable floor and a more loose structure as a top layer to support natural scratching behavior.

With easy-strø you obtain

  • A reduction in the time spent by spreading and maintenance
  • A soft, loose and "living" product that absorbs longer than any other bedding product.
  • A good air quality with efficiently binding of ammonia in the stable without any dust problems
  • A product that supports the natural scratching and dust bathing behavior
  • Reduced problems with scorching on pads
  • The combination of used litter and manure has a high fertilizer value and is 100% compostable
  • Provides high gas yield when applied to biogas production after use

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