easy-strø quality bedding for pigs
easy-strø quality bedding for pigs

easy-strø is made of quality straw (approx. 85% wheat and 15% other types of straw), without any additives.

  • easy-strø is a mechanical and thermal treated quality bedding
  • It has been thermal treated by up to 100 degrees Celsius and therefore, it is free from bacteria and fungal spores
  • easy-strø is a soft and pleasent bedding material that has been dedusted several times
  • easy-strø has an enormous absorption capacity of up to five times its own weight
  • easy-strø effectively absorbs ammonia

How to use

In the stable around the sow we recommend easy-strø which is a soft and pleasant bedding material with a unique high absorbency that keeps the area dry and clean around the sow.

At the same time easy-strø has a structure that fulfills the sows natural need to have nesting material available. It has a natural stress reducing impact and contributes to an easy, quick and painless birth giving process with less complications and fewer fatalities.

Replenish on a daily basis or when needed.

With easy-strø you obtain

  • Economical in use. Easy to spread both by machine and manually. Absorbs up to five times more than long straw and three times more than wood shavings.
  • Reduces stress symptoms in the period up to farrowing and contributes to a better lactation thus reducing piglet mortality.
  • Fulfill the sows natural need to nest building
  • Reduces the number of knee and hips injuries
  • Soft and comfortable material that secures high laying comfort
  • Keeps the resting area dry and reduces bacterial pressure
  • A product that is easy to handle without dust
  • Easy to use - easy to dispose through automatic systems. Does not settle and forms a good crust in slurry tanks. Soft on pumps and slurry handling equipment.

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