easy-fun in holder
easy-fun in holder

easy-fun is based upon quality straw produced in Denmark. The product contains approx. 85% wheat straw and approx. 15% other types of straw.

  • The straw is run through a sophisticated cleaning and mixing proces whereby a clean and uniform product is secured.
  • The straw is pressed into briquettes using an extremely high pressure of up to 2,500 bar.
  • The briquettes have a diameter of six centimeters and a length of 38 centimeters.
  • Due to the high pressure the straw is heated to a temperature of around 100 degrees C. Therefore, the product is virtually free from bacteria and fungal spores.
  • Sodium, phosphor and magnesium are added, as these minerals have a stress reducing effect.
  • Fulfills all legal requirements regarding occupational materials.
  • SPF approved.

How to use

easy-fun is a multi functional occupational material with a positive influence on the pigs wellbeing and behavior.

easy-fun is applied permanently or when unwanted behavior and disturbances occurs in the stable.

Can be supplied through various kinds of dispensers and holders. Easy refilling when the dispenser or holder are emptied.

Typical usage 2-3 kg/pig from 30-110 kg.

with easy-fun you obtain

  • a product that is designed to fulfill all legal requirements regarding occupational materials
  • a heat threated product with sodium, phosphor and magnesium added
  • a product that stimulates the pigs and gives them access to fibers
  • a positive influence on the digestion system of the pigs and reduces diarrhea and stress related illnesses such as ulcers
  • a reduction in unwanted behaviors such as ear sucking and tale biting

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