easy-fiber - when the piglets are moved to the climate stable
easy-fiber - when the piglets are moved to the climate stable

easy-fiber is based on quality straw (approx. 85% wheat and 15% other types of straw) without additives.

  • easy-fiber is a pressurized, heat treated fine grinded quality granulate
  • easy-fiber is dedusted several times thus the fraction of very fine particles is reduced to a minimum.
  • easy-fiber is safe in use and free from bacteria and fungal spores.
  • easy-fiber has an enormous absorption capacity up to five times its own weight.
  • easy-fiber creates volume and structure in the feed.

How to use

easy-fiber is the natural fiber additive that gives structure to the feed from fibres that do not ferment.

easy-fiber can be added both to wet and dry feed, in mineral feed and in ready to use feed blends.

The dosage varies depending on the other feed components. However, as indicative values the below can be given:

Weaning piglet feed 2,5 - 3,5%
Pig feed > 65 kg 1,5-2,5%
Pig feed < 65 kg 0,5-1,5%
Sow feed - pregnant, lactating 1-3%

With easy-fiber you obtain

  • A better overall economic result
  • A coarser structure in the feed
  • The possibility to increase the grinding fineness of the other feed ingredients and a better feed conversions rate.
  • Saturated and quiet animals that are less aggressive
  • At weaning easy-fiber helps to get an easier transition to life in the climate stable

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