hamster in cage with easy-strøhamster in cage with easy-strøeasy-strø is based upon quality straw (approx. 85% wheat and 15% rape) without additives.

  • easy-strø is a mechanical and thermal treated quality bedding material
    • easy-strø is safe in use and due to the thermal treatment at up to 100 degrees C it is free from bacteria’s and fungus spores
      • easy-strø is a soft and comfortable bedding material that is dedusted multiple times
        • easy-strø has an enormous absorption ability up to five times its own weight
          • easy-strø makes it easy for your pet to make a warm and well insulated nest and it keeps the cave dry and clean for a long period of time
            • easy-strø effectively absorbs ammonia and encapsulates any bad smelling odors

How to use

easy-strø is a soft and comfortable bedding product with a unique high absorbency that keep the cage clean and dry.

At the same time easy-strø has a structure that gives your pet the opportunity to build a good and snug nest or resting den, where it can retire and find peace and security.

easy-strø I placed in the bottom of the cage in a thickness that is appropriate for the animals that live in the cage. Small animals must have two to three cm and larger four to five cm available.

easy-strø may be filled into the bottom of nest boxes or caves used as resting and hiding places.

It is possible to combine easy-strø and easy-way, thereby achieving an even longer product durability.

With easy-strø you obtain

  • A soft, snug and comfortable material - without dust - which animals will love to nest and caves in.
  • An all-natural product made from 100% organic material that is safe to use and eatable.
  • A product that is easy to use and highly absorbent.
  • A good and heat-treated product that is free from bacteria’s and fungal spores.
  • A dust-free product that reduces the risk of allergies.
  • A high absorption capacity. Absorbing up to five times more than straw and three times more than wood chips
  • A dry and clean environment without bad odors.
  • A long durability and a easy to clean gage.

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