easy-living nesting material

easy-living nesting material
easy-living nesting material

  easy-living nesting material for rodents is developed with the aim to give your pet the possibility to make an optimal nest/cave from pure natural products

  easy-living nesting material is based upon a carefully selected blend of straw from Danish grain types and hemp fibers that provides a dry, warm and soft nest/cave with a very good cohesion ability for your pet

  easy-living nesting material is very durable and hygienic. Your pets can easily form a perfect nest/cave. They will love it

  easy-living nesting material is effectively cleaned, and heat treated by above 100° C by means of pressure. Thus, it is free from harmful bacteria’ and fungal spores

  easy-living nesting material effectively binds ammonia and eliminates bad odours for the wellbeing of your pets and you

  easy-living nesting material contains long fibres. It has been dedusted several times so dust and fine particles are reduced to a minimum. This provides wellbeing and reduces the risk of allergic reactions

Article Description
31150 easy-living nesting material 100 g
31160 easy-living nesting material 500 g