easy-strø in nest with mink bitch and her puppies
easy-strø in nest with mink bitch and her puppies

easy-strø is made of quality straw (approx. 85% wheat and 15% rape or other types of straw), without any additives.

  • easy-strø is a mechanical and thermal treated quality bedding
  • It has been thermal treated by up to 100 degrees Celsius and therefore, it is free from bacteria and fungal spores
  • Fine cutted straw in lenght of 1-1,5 cm
  • easy-strø is a soft and pleasent bedding material that has been dedusted several times
  • easy-strø has an enormous absorption capacity of up to five times its own weight
  • The thermal treatening ensures a very clean product in the nest free from bacteria and fungal spores.

How to use

More puppies with easy-strø.

At a controlled nation-wide attempt, where about 12.000 mink bitches participated, it showed, that by using easy-strø instead of short cutted barley or wood shavings there were 0,2 puppies more at weaning.

Place easy-strø at the bottom of the nest box and in an evenly layer. Press into place with a linked or flat hand to make a solid and uniform layer. The mink bitch will usually start to form and optimize the nest, as soon as she will have access to it.

For optimal nesting we recommend easy-strø together with easy-brick.

Add about 500 - 750 g. per nest box.

With easy-strø you optain

  • A product that contribute to more survived puppies and a higher earning.
  • A product that reduces risk for infection.
  • The uniform and fine structure makes it easy to nest.
  • It is easy for the mink bitch to form the nest and make it tight.
  • Condensation and moisture is well absorbed and ensures a dry nest.
  • A much better insulation of the nest compared to other materials, and a more stabil temperature in the nest.
  • The material stays in the nest - its structure prevent the bitch from taking it out.
  • A product that is easy to use and handle, and also time-saving.

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