easy-strø complete

easy-strø complete in a nest
easy-strø complete in a nest

easy-strø complete is a mix of heat treated quality straw and fibres added about 8% long straw, without any additives.

  • Has been dedusted several times
  • Has an enourmous absorbation capacity of up to five times its own weight
  • Good insulation ability
  • Keeps the humidity low

How to use

easy-strø complete is the ultimate lining material for mink.

The product is our unique easy-strø+ where about 8 % cutted straw has been added. The mix gives a bit more stiff product with a good cohesion. It is simple and fast to use, and reduces the time of packing/preparing the nest.

easy-strø complete gives the mink bitch possiblity to make a perfect nest with high cohesion and exellent insulation.

With easy-strø complete you have material for the nest that covers all needs for the mink. At the same time it gives easy access to see the puppies in the nest without destroying it and disturb unnecessary.

Add once about 700 - 800 gram per nest - depending on the size of the nest.

With easy-strø complete you optain

  • A product that contribute to more survieved puppies and a higher earning.
  • The uniform and fine structure and although stiff structure makes it easy to pack the nest.
  • It is easy for the mink bitch to form the nest and make it tight.
  • Condensation and moisture is well absorbed and ensures a dry nest with low humidity.
  • A much better insulation of the nest compared to other materials, and a more stabil temperature in the nest.
  • The material stays in the nest.
  • A product that is easy to use and handle, and also time-saving.
  • A product that makes it easy to see the puppies in the nest without disturbing unnecessary and thereby stress the mink bitch.

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