Is based on a mix of quality straw produced by Danish farmers.

  • Fine cutted straw in lenght of 1-1,5 cm.
  • Made into briquettes under extreme pressure of 2.500 bars
  • Free from bacterias – heated to more than 100 degrees Celcius.
  • easy-play has a diameter of 6 cm and is 12 cm in the lenght.
  • Fulfil the demand of stimulation and with permanet access to straw.

How to use

easy-play stimulates the minks natural curiosity, and is a long-lasting activity material.

The holder can easily be pulled through the hole in the briquettes. easy-play is then ready to be hung up in the cage.

It is easy to replace a new briquette in the holder.

easy-play fulfil the demand for daily access to straw in the warm period, where straw is not given in the nest box.

With easy-play you optain

  • an approved alternative to pipes.
  • a product to be hung up fast and easy.
  • high hygiene - will not get dirty from fertilizer.
  • a solution which is not an obstacle when to catch the mink.
  • a product with documented positive effect in reduction of damages from biting.
  • minimal handling afterwards, as the material is slowly consumed in the cages.

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