Mink occupied with easy-joy
Mink occupied with easy-joy

Is based on a mix of quality straw produced by Danish farmers.

  • Fine cutted straw in lenght of 1-1,5 cm.
  • Heat treated straw made into briquettes under extreme pressure - up to 2.500 bars.
  • Free from bacterias – heated to more than 100 degrees Celcius.
  • easy-joy has a diameter of 6 cm and is 12 cm in the lenght.
  • Fulfil the demand of stimulation and with permanet access to straw.

How to use

Can be used as replacement to straw for the mink bitch, when feeding during the summer are on top of the cage.

Easy and optimal material for occupation to the minks. With easy-joy in the cages we ensure that there are straw available for the mink. easy-joy fulfil the legislative demands about access to straw.

Place one or two easy-joy fast and loose inside the cage. No handling afterwards, as the material is slowly consumed in the cages. Hygienic and time saving in use.

With easy-joy you optain

  • documented effect - an examination with 20.000 individuals has shown, that fur chewing are reduced with 6-10 %
  • a reduction of problems with "tail sucking" at the minks
  • a product easy to handle and minify the labour need when cleaning
  • a simplified process, as easy-play will not be removed from the cage again
  • minimal cleaning or disposal of dirty and used stimulation material
  • no winter storage and spring cleaning of pipes
  • a hygienic product and time saving in use


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