easy-brick are delivered in individually fitted measures.
easy-brick are delivered in individually fitted measures.

easy-brick is made of quality straw (approx. 85% wheat and 15% rape or other types of straw), without any additives.

  • Cleaned and mixed straw for a more uniform quality
  • Mechanical destroyed and heat treated straw pressed into bricks at a very high pressure - over 2.000 bars
  • Free from fungal spores
  • Isolate and ensures a more constant temperature in the nest
  • Absorb up to 5 times its own weight
  • Stable structure, that ensures a big load in the nest

How to use

Place the easy-brick across the nestbox right under the hole. This reduces the area where the mink must keep the small puppies warm and dry in the first critical phase. At the same time the easy-brick isolates and absorbes the exceeding moist and contribute to a warm and dry nest.

It is very important that the easy-brick is placed in tension, so it will be firm in the nest.
We produce and deliver easy-brick in interval of 0,5 cm, so you will receive the exact lenght that fit your nests. Please inform the needed meassures when ordering.

After use, you can easily take out the easy-brick from the nest. Place it in the mink cage and use it as stimulation.

For optimal nesting we recommend to use easy-brick together with easy-strø, easy-strø+ or easy-strø complete.

With easy-brick you optain

  • More survieved puppies
  • Increases the earning per mink bitch
  • Reduces the temperature range in the nest the first critical days
  • Even out the humidity in the nest over a day
  • Reduces the bacterias in the nest and also the risk of infection
  • Gentle against the titties of the mink bitch
  • Easy to place and press firmly into place
  • Easy to handle and reduces time by mocking out
  • No cleaning or disposal of dirty used bricks
  • No risk for infection from recycled bricks
  • Fulfil the demand of access to straw in the cages

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