easy-bedding in horse boxes
easy-bedding in horse boxes

easy-bedding is made of Danish quality straw (approx. 85% wheat and 15% of other types of straw), without any additives.

  • Quality straw pressed into soft 10 mm pellets, specially designed for horse boxes.

  • Is heat treated at approx. 100 degrees C.

  • Free from bacteria and fungus spores

  • Sieved and dedusted several times for a dust free environment in the stable

  • Superior absorption capacity up to five times its own weight.

How to use

As a starting point apply sufficient easy-bedding to form a mattress of about five cm in thickness. Per horse box (4 x 3 m) you will need approximatively 150 kg.

After a short period of time the soft pellets will break because of the movements of the horse whereby the volume of the bedding will increase and the right thickness will be reached. As an option you can sprinkle the pellets with water which will enhance the formation of a firm mattress and prevent any creation of dust.

Remove solids daily and scratch the surface of the mattress lightly with a rake. No further caretaking is necessary.

Saturated bedding shall be removed and the empty spot replenished with unused easy-bedding from the edges of the box that the horse has not yet broken. First when all the pellets are incorporated into the mattress it is necessary to replenish with new material.

The bedding material is very durable and it is rarely necessary to change completely.

Advise: It is recommende to feed the horse with sufficient raw feed when the pellets are newly spread.

With easy-bedding you obtain

  • a superior absorbency of four to five times its own weight.
  • an excellent stable environment without any odour or ammonia problems.
  • reduced problems with flies in the stable
  • dust reduces several times. Especially recommendable for horses with allergic symptoms.
  • very durable with less dung.
  • a environmental friendly natural product that can be used directly on the fields or in the garden as a fertilizer.
  • the dung is very suitable in biogas production units

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