easy-way in diary cattle beds
easy-way in diary cattle beds

easy-way is based upon quality straw (approx. 85% wheat and 15% rape) without additives.

  • easy-way is a compressed and heat treated quality granulate
  • easy-way is dedusted several times and contributes to a pleasant stable environment
  • easy-way is safe to use and free from bacteria and fungus spores
  • easy-way has an enormous ability to absorb of up to five times its own weight
  • easy-way effectively absorbs ammonia
  • It is easy to spread as well as manually as by machine.
  • Suitable for automated scrapers and slurry systems and forms a good crust in the slurry tank.

How to use

easy-way is a long lasting bedding product that is easy to handle both with machine and by hand. Due to its structure easy-way will stay on the mattresses or in the cattle beds even if there is a light breeze through the stable.

easy-way secures dry and hygienic surroundings where the dairy cow can find rest and gather strength to produce milk.

Typical daily consumption is between 250 and 350 grams per cattle bed with mattresses. In deep cattle beds enough bedding material to form a soft layer is placed and replenishment is done in accordance to need.

easy-way can without any problems be used together with kaolin or chalk in the cattle bed.

With easy-way you obtain

  • A reduction in time consumption by spreading and maintenance.
  • A product with a high absorption capacity.
  • A product that stays on the mattress or in the cattle bed because it has a high bulk density compared to other bedding products.
  • A product that keeps the bed dry and reduces the pathogenic impact.
  • An easy to handle product that does not create dust. Can without any problems function together with kaolin or chalk.
  • A good udder hygiene and reduced risk of damage to teats. Can in many cases have a positive impact on the cell count in the milk.
  • No damages to knees and legs. After approximatively one month of use most cows new or better hair layer on the legs.
  • A combination of used bedding material and manure that has a high fertilizer value and is 100% compostable
  • Provides a high yield in natural gas production after use.

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