easy-strø quality bedding for cattle
easy-strø quality bedding for cattle

easy-strø is made of quality straw (approx. 85% wheat and 15% rape), without any additives.

  • easy-strø is a mechanical and thermal treated quality bedding
  • It has been thermal treated by up to 100 degrees Celsius and therefore, it is free from bacteria and fungal spores
  • easy-strø is a soft and pleasent bedding material that has been dedusted several times
  • easy-strø has an enormous absorption capacity of up to five times its own weight
  • easy-strø effectively absorbs ammonia


easy-strø find its use in cattle beds and on mattresses for dairy cows, in calf boxes and as bedding in stables for multiple animals.

easy-strø is easy to apply both manually and by machine or by automatic spreading equipment.

On mattresses approximatively 300 grams per day is necessary to secure a dry environment. As start up for cattle beds apply a suitable layer in order to form a good, soft and dry layer in the bed.

Apply new bedding material according to need.

With easy-strø you obtain

  • Economical in use. Easy to spread both by machine and manually. Absorbs up to five times more than long straw and three times more than wood shavings.
  • Soft and comfortable material that secures good comfort in cattle beds and on mattresses.
  • Due to the structure of easy-strø the material will stay on the mattresses.
  • Keeps the cattle bed dry and reduces the impact of harmful pathogens.
  • An easy to handle product without dust. Can without any problems be used together with kaolin or chalk.
  • Excellent udder hygiene reduces the risk of damaged teats. Can in many cases have a positive impact on the quality of the milk.
  • No damages to knees and legs. After approximatively one month of use will most cows have their natural hair layer on knees and legs again.
  • In the calf boxes easy-strø forms a warm and safe mattress that will help the calves to a good start in life.
  • Easy to use and easy to handle and suitable for automated scrapers and slurry systems. Forms a good crust in the slurry tank.

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