easy-way bag / palleteasy-way bag / palleteasy-way in bags

    easy-way is packed in strong transparent PE-bags, each containing 16 kg.

    Product name and the weight is printed on the bag.

    An EURO-pallet contains 65 bags of 16 kg equal to a net weight of 1,045 kg. The pallet weighs about 20 kg.

    The pallet is supplied with topfilm and stretch wrapping for protection during transportation and by loading and unloading.

    In order to reduce any risk of contamination pallets are not exchanged.

    We recommend that the pallets are stored in an clean and dry environment.

    easy-way in big bags
    easy-way in big bags

    easy-way in big bags

    easy-way is available in strong big bags that are coated at the bottom and supplied with a strong lifting loop for easy handling of the big bag.

    One big bag contains 650 kg easy-way.

    The big bags are is printed with supplier information and labelled with product information.

    easy-way in big bags is supplied on new approved Euro-pallets.

    Dure to the risk of contamination we cannot offer exchange of pallets.

    easy-wayeasy-way easy-way supplied bulk

    easy-way is available in bulk and can be supplied in walking floor trailers or containers.

    Contact us for more information about the possibilities.