easy-strø in 25 kg baleeasy-strø in 25 kg baleeasy-strø in bales

easy-strø is packed in 25 kg bales that are pressed into shape, so they are square and thus easy to stack on pallets.

The packaging is made of transparent and strong PE for optimal security.

Product information and application instructions are printed on the packaging in Danish and the main languages.

easy-strø pallet with 30 baleseasy-strø pallet with 30 balesConfiguration of pallet

As standard configuration easy-strø is supplied in 10 layers of 3 bales = 30 bales per pallet.

One pallet weighs 750 kg net and the pallet itself weigh about 20 kg.

We use exclusively new approved euro pallets and to avoid any risk of contamination we do not offer exchange of pallets.

Our pallets are stretch wrapped and supplied with top film to ensure optimal protection of the bales during transportation, loading and unloading.

We recommend that the pallets are stored in designated areas in a dry and clean environment.

easy-strø in bulkeasy-strø in bulkeasy-strø in bulk

When supply in bulk we use special constructed containers where easy-strø is compressed during the filling of the container.

This way we can increase the volume that it is possible to fill into a container substantially and thereby reducing the cost of transportation.

One container contains approximatively 15 ton.