easy-fiber bag / palleteasy-fiber bag / palleteasy-fiber i bags

easy-fiber is packed in strong transparent PE-bags each containing 15 kg.

The product name and the weight of the bags is printed on the bag.

Stacking pattern on a euro-pallet is 65 poser á 15 kg per pallet - corresponding to a net weight of 1,045 kg. The weight of the pallet is approx. 20 kg.

The pallet is supplied with topfilm and wapping for best possible protection during transportation and loading or unloading.

In order to minimize any risk of contamination we cannot offer exchange of pallets.

We recommend that the pallets are stored under dry and clean conditions.

easy-fiber in big bag
easy-fiber in big bag

easy-fiber in big bags

easy-fiber can be supplied in strong big bags that are coated at the bottom and supplied with a strong lifting loop making it easy to handle.

One big bag contains 600 kg of easy-way.

The big bags are supplied with printed information as well as labelled with relevant product informations.

easy-fiber in big bags is supplied on new approved euro-pallets.

Due to the risk of contamination we do not accept to exchange pallets.

easy-fibereasy-fiber easy-fiber supplied bulk

easy-fiber can be supplied bulk in walking floor trailers of in containers.

Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities.