easy-bedding in bagseasy-bedding in bagseasy-bedding in bags

easy-bedding is supplied in strong transparent PE-bags of 13 kg.

On each bag product name, date and time of production is printed.

The bags are supplied with 65 bags of 13 kg on new approved euro pallets. The weight of the pallet is approx 20 kg.

The pallets are supplied with topfilm and wrapping for optimum protection during transportation and loading and unloading.

We recommend that the pallets are stored in clean and dry surroundings for enhanced durabillity

To avoid any risk of contamination the pallets are not exchanged.

easy-bedding in big bageasy-bedding in big bageasy-bedding in big bags

easy-bedding can be supplied in big bags of 1,000 kg.

The big bags we are using are coated at the bottom for additional protection and supplied with a strong lifting loop at the top which makes the big bags easy to handle.

Every big bag has our name printed and a label with product information.

The big bags are supplied on new approved euro pallets.

Due to the risk of contamination we do not accept return pallets.http://easy-stroe.dk/gfx/btn/pSav.gif

easy-bedding in bulkeasy-bedding in bulkeasy-bedding bulk

easy-bedding can be supplied bulk in containers or walking floor trailers.

Call to learn more about the options.