Easy-AgriCare A/S has from May 2018 optained a one year reapproval of the SPF quality and safety system.

Below please find a link to the reapproval.

New name D. 01.10.2017

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S is always aiming to work according to best practise and the GMP+ principles are implemented in all our activities. Thus, we are proud to have obtained the official approval.
GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. The + stands for the integration of HACCP: ‘Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points’.
The foundation of the GMP+ systematic is partly determined by continuous improvement according to the principle of the Deming circle ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’: write down what I am doing, do what I have written down and providing proof that I effectively did it.
A GMP+ certificate provides an additional qualitative guarantee for every entrepreneur dealing with the international feed industry.

A quality mark of GMP+ International tells you, the entrepreneur, that participating companies from the international food chain guarantee reliability, quality, sustainability and safety. That means that they meet all local and international statutory standards in the feed industry.

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