About Easy-AgriCare

easy-strø is granted utility model patent as well as invention patent.

Frandsbjerg Energy acquires all shares in Easy AgriCare A/S

Container solution for collecting dung from larger horse teams is introduced. Circular economy and green energy will be important parameters in future animal husbandry

easy-living a series of bedding products, occupational products and nesting material for poultry, birds and rodents is introduced. The products are all based upon natural raw materials of highest quality.

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S changes name to Easy-AgriCare A/S.

3 Assentoft silos each holding approximatively 215 m3 are installed which leads to increased storage capacity for bulk goods and increases the capacity on the packing lines.

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S was certified and GMP+ approved.

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S build a new storage hall with a surface area of 1,273 sq. m. with two loading bays and a roof covered loading area.

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S launched a new occupational product, easy-play, a heat treated briquette with a hole in the core making it easy use a hanger for implementation in cages for mink and small animal pets.

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S launched a new product, easy-brick, which is heat treated "straw-bricks" for mink nests.

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S had grown to be an export company which additional to a huge production of quality bedding to the home market now also exports to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Greece.

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S launched a new product, easy-joy, which is heat treated straw briquettes for mink.

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S launched a new product, easy-way, which is heat threated straw granulate.

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S launched a new product, easy-bedding, which is straw compressed into 10 mm pellets.

The factory was extended in 2008. The result was an ultra-modern and efficient factory which enabled Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S to meet the demand in Denmark as well as abroad.

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S exhibited at Agromek – the International Exhibition for Agricultural Mechanization, Cattle and Pigs – for the first time. From that point in time, the demand for easy-strø rose.

The idea of developing a bedding product mainly for horses emerged in 2006. The product was called easy-strø. In the same year, Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S exhibited at the Stallion Show held by Dansk Varmblod - Denmark's largest horse breeding federation.
The product easy-strø was continuously developed and found a new use as bedding material for cows in cubicles and a number of other animals.

Dansk Dyrestimuli A/S was founded in 2005. At that time, the production consisted of chopped heat-treated straw, compressed into briquettes. This product was called Halm FUN and was intended for rooting material for pigs

easy-strø is granted utility model patent as well as invention patent.